Winners And Losers

August 17, 2010 –
Winners And Losers –

Winning and losing are pretty well ingrained in our society. Did you ever wonder why?  Did you ever question that rationale to see if it makes sense?
It’s believed that exploring opposites has been the theme of this world,  and as people become more spiritually mature we will integrate those polar opposites and create something brand new – the win/win.

When you’re deeply involved in a football game and your favorite team is one kick away from becoming the champion you probably experience a pretty big adrenalin rush.  That’s a feeling that you might not want to give up. What if there were other things, though, that gave you that same feeling that had nothing to do with winning and losing and competition?  Do you think you could still be happy and perhaps even happier?

We talk about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  People appear to have become addicted to the feelings.   Did you ever consider that the agony isn’t really worth it and the thrill could be experienced in a better way?

Just pretend for a minute that you were born into a family and a community where you never learned the win/lose concept.  You never even learned the words.  Individual and group accomplishments were celebrated and no one was ever considered to be lesser than anyone else.  No one was ever called a loser and no one’s dignity was ever taken from them.

I admit to being an avid football fan, and it’s almost time to start rooting for my favorite team and feeling their victories and losses with them.  But even as I enjoy the Sunday games I know that the current concept of winning and losing will have to evolve as our society matures, because this concept has filtered down and affects just about every human interaction we have.  In most disagreements people want to come out on top – they want to feel that they have won by getting what they want, or having their point of view accepted or getting in the last word.

Perhaps the guys in the NFL will get over their defeats by next week, but how about the schoolyard?   What do we do about the countless number of children who lose games, and disagreements with classmates, and interactions with adults on a daily basis and go home feeling worthless?  What do we owe them?  What about adults who face daily competition in their jobs and are always struggling to stay on top.  What about marriages where someone’s self worth comes from getting their way?

Do we have the power to teach a different lesson about life?  Do we have the means to help everyone get their needs met? 

I believe we do.  All it takes is an inner desire to welcome a better way, and a willingness to walk a new path if one shows up in front of you.  I assure you that those paths are appearing.  There are a suffficient number of visionaries and believers in place in this society today to effect changes of this magnitude.  It’s already happening.  We can create the win/win.  The thrill of victory can be for everyone.

Blessings, Elaine

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