winter solstice spiritual meaning

Winter Solstice Spiritual Meaning

Today is the winter solstice for those in the northern hemisphere.  The daylight hours have grown shorter with more darkness each day.  We’ve gone to the maximum darkness allowed. Now we reverse the process and start to change back to more light.  We call it the first day of winter.  It is more than a physical happening.  It is metaphorical and spiritual should you choose to embrace it that way.

As a society and as human beings we’ve let fear take us to the maximum darkness that was allowed.  Now God has decreed that the process reverse and that we start to grow back into the light and love.  We were helped last night by a total lunar eclipse.  For a few moments we were cut off from all sources of light – both the sun and the moon.  The world energy was reset and a new path became available for the seekers.

What is the winter solstice spiritual meaning for us? Today is the day for stillness.  Today is the day to look at the negativity that still exists in your life and say ‘no more’.   Today can be the day when you rest in the stillness of creation and send out your intention to grow back into the light of truth and joy and love.

There is a full moon today.  Should you choose to look at your life without filters, without excuses, without distortions and without jugment you have been given the light to illumine that examination.

The path you take tomorrow will be determined by the direction you choose to face today.  May you look inward and upward, and may your path shine brightly and eternally.

Blessings, Elaine

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