Wisdom of the Frogs

A dear friend gave me a cute ceramic frog – only about 3 inches high – but with his arms folded, his feet planted firmly on the ground, and a very determined look on his sweet little face.  We decided that he was saying ‘NEW DAY – NEW WAY’.  He is my constant reminder that I am not trapped into doing things in the same old way, just because of habit or tradition or expectations.  I can re-create in every now moment just how I want my life to be.  I hope  you have your own version of my ceramic frog – something you look at every day that reminds you of a personal truth that brings you joy, or determination, or security.  Today is January 1, 2010.  This really is a NEW DAY.

One thought on “Wisdom of the Frogs

  1. Love the story of the Wisdom of the Frogs. We always have the choice of which way we want our lives to go. Thanks for the reminder.

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