Working In Partnership With The Divine

Working In Partnership With The Divine

Last week I talked about our country and its financial difficulties.  I urged people to start thinking about this as something personal – a responsibility that they needed to acknowledge as a living being on planet earth.  I hope you did think, and I hope your thinking led you to this truth:  That we all need to do our part.   Our part includes partnership and cooperation with others.  And this week I want to talk about perhaps the most important part of this equation:  we aren’t doing this alone.  This is all part of God’s plan for us to help us grow and learn.

Have you ever raised children who came of age and wanted to drive the family car?  Your legal and parental response had to be making sure they had the knowledge and information and correct teaching and practice and license required.  Parents do the best they can to prepare their children for the challenges of the road.   Ultimately, however, the real learning comes in the experience and the responsibility that has now been entrusted.  The young driver, when out alone for the very first times, is expected to use every resource at their command, but knowing  that in an emergency situation, they can always call home, and someone will come to help.

So it is with us – we can always call home.  Prayer is instantaneous and powerful.  Our guides and angels, under God’s direction, are only a breath away.  The prayers of a child are often simple and yet powerful in their simplicity, because that’s what they are – they are children.  They can pray ‘God keep me safe’ and that is enough. As they grow and learn about the dangers of fire they have to not only pray for God to keep them safe, but they have to keep their hands off the matches.  As they grow even more they should still pray “God keep me safe” but when they build their campfire they have to use care and knowledge and common sense too.

We are almost grown – we are in the process of leaving a 3rd dimensional world and entering a higher dimensional plane where our thoughts manifest at record speed.  We have to take responsibility for those thoughts.  Are they uplifting, life affirming and positive?  Or are they negative, accusatory and inflammatory?  God is helping you manifest your thoughts, but you are the originator of them.

Free will has been a precious and valuable gift.  God is honoring his creation, which is you,  with this gift.  So what are you doing with yours?  Allowing yourself to be distracted and caught in a cycle of sadness and hopelessness, or stepping out and claiming the creative power of your thoughts and beliefs and words and actions.

The situation in Greece is only the tip of the iceberg.  The financial difficulties that have plagued every nation on earth are starting to come to the surface.  The angelics have told us that November could be a pivotal time here in the United States.  Things have to change.  We can make the changes easy and short lived by our involvement, or long and difficult by our fear and apathy.  The choice is yours.

I pray that God will guide us and inspire us and give us all the courage and strength to stand together, stand strong in the face of adversity, and turn it around for the betterment of every precious soul on earth.  We deserve better than we have, and with the help of God we can create it.

Many blessings, Elaine

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