working with crystals

Working with Crystals

Working With Crystals

I love crystal energy.  I have crystals in my home, my car, my purse and often in my pocket.  They each transmit a beautiful and different stream of vibrational energy that can work with us as friends and allies.  Lately, though, I have witnessed a few instances where people used them like good luck charms.  They aren’t.   They are transmitters, receivers and enhancers of energy.  Let’s imagine you have a headache.  Your doctor prescribes aspirin.  You take the medication but continue banging your head against the wall.  You say the doctor or the aspirin are no good.  Really?
In the same way you could carry an apache tears crystal and expect to stay grounded and safe.  If you deliberately engage in reckless behavior, though, don’t blame your crystal when you fall down.

Crystals will also hold and store energy from their previous experiences.  If you haven’t cleared your crystals and attuned them to your personal energy, and set up guidelines to work with them, you might as well just carry a four leaf clover.  If you believe in good luck, you will at least  be putting out a little positive energy.  The power of the crystal, however, will be completely under-utilized.

If you are on your way to the hardware store to get plaster and paint for repairs, an orange carnelian would be an excellent choice to take with you.  It’s creative, centering, and grounding energies will help you bring out the best in your project.  It’s capability to help you let go of fear and anger will help you deal with the person that created the mess you are trying to clean up.  If you dwell on your problems instead of the solutions, however,  your little crystal doesn’t have much chance to assist you.  Crystal energy is usually subtle and delicate when coming up again 3rd and 4th dimensional energies.  You can easily circumvent those energies with anger, self-will or lack of attention.

Working with crystals and crystal energy can be very powerful when you choose to operate in the higher vibrational bands of appreciation, generosity, and trust.  Then choose the crystal friend you need in the moment, and tune in to the  energy field that friend is sending you.  Most of the time that energy field will seem very gentle, but the more you attune to the higher vibrational bands, the more you will experience the real power your crystal is putting out.  With some knowledge and preparation, your crystals can really enhance your life.

For information on how to cleanse your crystals, and program your crystals, see my post entitled “How To Cleanse Your Crystals of Negative Energy”.

Namaste, Elaine


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