you are a healer

You Are A Healer

You Are A Healer –

Everyone who sends out positive energy is a healer.  Those around you who feel your love, and your concern are being healed and helped in that moment.   When you hurt your knee you instictively hold it until it feels better, you are actually instinctively sending balanced energy back to a part of you that has become unbalanced.  People who are Reiki attuned have had their healing abilities amped up to unbelievable levels.  The balancing energies they are able to deliver come through pure from Source and are very powerful.

Are you a teacher? Do you come in contact with students every day?  Every time you give a little extra help and you make them feel that someone really does care about their well being, you are being a healer.  Are you a Reiki practitioner? Why not? Think of how you could help every student you come in contact with. even more than you do now.

Do you work in the medical profession in any capacity whatsoever? Then we know you are also offering healing on so many physical and emotional levels.  Are you Reiki attuned? Do you know how much more healing you could be offering along with the beautiful job you already do?

Are you on a transplant team, or work with body implants or blood transfusions in any way at all? Do you have the slightest idea of how much you could change lives by channeling Reiki to those things?  At the very least please send loving energy and gratitude to the donor and the recipient and the organ itself.  The transplanted organ will receive the energy you send to it.  You are in a position to do so much good.  Please give this some serious thought.  Organs from recipients carry energies of sickness from the previous body, or fear and trauma from a sudden accident.  You could make a huge difference by clearing that organ and offering it new life without the residual fears and trauma.  Those are vibrations.  You could change those vibrations through energy healing.

Are you a cook, or clerk, or work with produce in any way? Do you realize what a contribution you could make to society and to yourself if you learned Reiki?You are changing lives right now when you really look at someone, and see them, and smile at them and show some concern for them.  You may be the only  person in their life that ever does that.  Did you ever consider that?  If you are actually coming in physical contact with food products, and you could infuse them with Reiki energy – well – I can’t even imagine what a huge difference that could make to the world.  We know our food has too many additives and too little nutrition.  Until those things are addressed on the physical level, you could do amazing things to them on an energetic level.  Please think about it.  This could be big.

Do you come into contact with people in your day to day life? Do you know what power you could bring to those contacts?

Do you drive? We sure need more Reiki healers on the road.

Do you love anybody? Do you love yourself? Do you know what healing you could bring to every relationship if you were a pure conduit of pure love?

Hope you will think about that. I teach it. It takes a few hours of instruction and then the beautiful gift of the attunement from Spirit who sends the energy through the Master Teacher to you. The only requirement for acceptance into a class is desire and willingness to help yourself and anyone else.

Whether you ever choose to pursue more in depth healing modalities or not, know for sure, though, that you are a healer.  You are healing the world everyday, with every kind, considerate action you do.    Thank you for all your good work.

Please get in touch with me for more information if you want your healing abilities to become even more powerful.  As I said before, to  become a Reiki healer requires several hours of instruction and an attunement from a Master Teacher.

Blessed Be,

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  1. When do you offer the reiki instruction and what is the cost? I am very interested in pursuing this

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