You Are A Master Spirit and an Empowered Human Being

Since 2012, monumental energy changes have been taking place on this planet.  We took a quantum leap at that time and we are being moved at breathtaking speed toward our new reality.  Our Planet is speeding through space as well, but since we live on her, we don’t feel it and aren’t aware.  The same can be said for the energy.  As the Celestials look at us they can see us transforming, but most of us don’t feel too much difference from day to day.

The way you can really tell that something is happening is by looking at your life now, compared to several years ago, or even several months ago.   Haven’t you made a lot of big changes or decisions?  Hasn’t your viewpoint on a lot of things widened and opened?

The earth has always changed.  We have had ice ages before.  We have had hurricanes and tornadoes and eruptions and destructions.   Never before, though, has it happened so repeatedly to one generation of people.  We have, as a collective, changed from a world that accepted war as inevitable to one that wants wars to end.  We are demanding equality and no longer believe that some people are worthy and others are not.  A huge majority of people now know that they are Eternal Spirits currently embodied.

We had a pivotal energy movement around the time of this year’s equinox which brought in male/female balance potential.  Countries where women are still second class citizens will inevitably have to change or self-destruct.  We are all finding ourselves becoming more balanced between our hearts and minds, our active selves and our intuitive selves.  We are finding that we have different priorities and different outlooks on life.

Many of us, for years, have called ourselves light workers, because we worked at bringing truth and beauty and light and love to the earth.  We are now in a period of time when we can start to look at ourselves differently.  The working part has ended.  The being part has begun.  If you are focused on the higher dimensional attributes of love and kindness and respect and caring and forgiveness and tolerance and acceptance as your daily goals, then your very presence heals and clears the space you are in.

Kryon said recently that a Master doesn’t have to clear a space when he or she enters it.  The very presence of the Master does that. You are a Master.  There are countless numbers of Masters on earth, although many still have not awakened to it, and are not behaving like it.  But if you have reached the understanding that currently only Masters are incarnating on Earth to do the work necessary down here and raise the vibration for the planet and everyone on her, then you know who you are.  And if you know who you are, you no longer need to ‘work’ to fix things.  Be in your highest and best energy, and the work will get done.

You can imprint the place you are in with the love and the light that you carry, and I encourage you to do so, but please understand that it is so important that you just BE THERE.  Be there while understanding, accepting and claiming your power.

You may wonder why we were needed here and it all goes back to a Universal Law –  “The only place you can change a creation is from within the creation.”  This world is our creation.  Only we can open the door and let God in.  Perhaps you have seen the familiar picture of Christ knocking at the door.  That is God knocking at the door. If you look closely at the picture you will see no door knob on God’s side.  God will not force His way in.  You do not have to beg and plead for help.  It is there waiting.   You have to open the door.  You have to request Divine assistance.  You have to allow that assistance to come in.  You have to stand in your power and understand that you have been given the authority to do this.  No one from without can do this for you.  You must do this for yourself.

Without an invitation, many people’s guardian angels are limited in what they can do for their charges.  They would love to do so much more.

I hope today you feel empowered.  I hope you feel your strength and your abilities.  I hope you understand that the world will only stay on this fast-paced trajectory toward something beautiful if you claim your power and use it.  If you sit back and wait for other people to do it – and if everyone did that – it will not happen.

We are given predictions based on the direction we are headed and how fast we are moving.  You can predict when a train will reach the next station, but only if it continues on course and up to  speed. If it stops, the predictions fail.  We must not stop.  We cannot stop.  The reward is too great.  So please, keep believing, keep trusting, keep loving and keep being the best you that you know how to be.  If we all do that, our success is guaranteed,

Many Blessings,

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