You are a Powerful Creator

You Are A Powerful Creator

You Are A Powerful Creator –

How are you feeling right this minute? Bored, tired, anxious, rushed, confused, hopeful, peaceful, angry, happy, or something else?

It doesn’t matter what it is. You are a powerful creator and if it is with you in this moment you are creating more of it. That’s just the way energy works.

Creating a better and more beautiful anything requires a change in you. If you don’t like what you are currently creating then call on the Violet Flame of transmutation and choose a new feeling. You can try creating an affirmation to reinforce the feeling you want to experience.

If you are confused you might say “I choose to trust that whatever is happening is for my greatest good.”

If you feel helpless you might say “I choose to believe that I am powerful and the answers I seek will come to me.”

Kryon gave a wonderful answer to a wonderful question recently. The question was. ‘ Am I allowing, or am I being lazy? ANSWER: Dear one, neither. You are co-creating doubt!

Many blessings,

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