you are a spiritual being

You are a Spiritual Being

What makes you human?  Is it the form you see when you look in the mirror?  Is it a body, with a mind and a consciousness and the ability to think and feel?

Today I would like you to consider that what makes you human has nothing to do with the body you inhabit.  The body is a convenient and familiar package.  It was also designed to be able to handle an energy system comprised of seven chakras, or energy centers.  These seven chakras allow the prototype that the Human Spirit inhabits to function extremely well in the world while still maintaining a Spiritual connection. You are a spiritual being.

And that indeed is what the human part of you really is – your Human Spirit.  A Human Spirit has the capacity for love, compassion, generosity, growth and creation.

Would you still be human, if you didn’t live in the body anymore?  I certainly believe so.  In an old Star Treck episode there were some human beings who lost their bodies through a series of catastrophies and so they transferred their consciousnesses to round spheres.  Once inhabited, the spheres glowed with their indwelling Human Spirits and their capacity for love, compassion, generosity, growth and creation continued unhampered.  Of course the Human Spirit also possesses the capacity to choose things like selfishness and anger, but what sets us apart is our POTENTIAL for all the higher vibrational experiences once we choose them.

It may seem trivial today, but at some point in the future this understanding is going to be very relevant.  Once you know yourself as Spirit, first and foremost, you will be able to reclaim a lot of the power that you lost when the body devolved in vibration many eons ago and went from a 12 strand dna model to the double helix we know today.  Since we have always identified so strongly with the bodies we inhabit, we felt diminished when that deactivation took place.  Once you know yourself as Spirit you can continue the ongoing process of reactivating the dna strands one by one.  Whether you know it or not you are already in this process – – -your growing spiritual awareness is a definite indicator of this.

The Human Spirit is a beautiful thing.  You are a spiritual being capable of learning and growing and assimilating new information. The human spirit is capable of participating in the upcoming ‘ascension’ or uplifting of consciousness.  During this uplifting, the body gets to go along if we honor it and treat it well.

Blessings, Elaine

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