you are limitless

You Are Limitless

You Are A Limitless Creator

It’s a lesson we hear time and time again – that you create your own reality.  Some people can accept this on a mental level – okay, it makes sense.  I understand the law of attraction and all that.  I know that if I am in a good place, it only stands to reason that more good things will come to me.  I know that people who complain and always list their issues and problems seem to never get out of that cycle of repetitive problems.

And yet – why can’t I do better with this?  That is a question that has a lot to do with our upbringing, imprinting, and teaching, which has gone right to our core.  Most people grow up with the idea that there are the haves and the have-nots.  That it has always been that way, and somehow it is justified.  We somehow believe that there will never be a way to really alleviate all poverty and suffering. We accept that the rich are somehow luckier or more privileged or worthier or more deserving.  If we are those who work every day to make a living, and sometimes get by okay and sometimes get by, but just barely, we may unconsciously be accepting this as normal – or just our lot in life.    It is not.  We may feel that the system is so big and so entrenched that we can’t ever make much of a difference.  We need to change our thinking.

It takes a huge shift in perspective to realize that the way our society has evolved is just not the way it was originally designed to be.  It takes some really serious thought to understand that there is plenty of everything on this planet for everyone.  It takes a real infusion of new information to realize that there has been a very creative plan in place by certain groups throughout history to systematically and thoroughly create this inequality and the mindset of acceptance and helplessness that goes with it.

The only way things are ever going to change for everyone, is for everyone to eventually  wake up to the truth.  We have been used, abused and lied to.  ‘We’ are the majority, and somehow we allowed a relatively small group of devious self-serving individuals to gain control and rule.  Some people call them the the power elite – some people call them the Illuminati – some people call them the secret government – but they are out there.  Their influence is not limited to geographical locations and they have been involved in most of the wars that have been fought on this planet, often inciting one group against another and then supplying arms to both sides.

For centuries they have managed to work their way into government and education systems and health care systems worldwide.  They make a fortune off of selling energy, which should be free to everyone. The inventors of devices that work to make free energy available have often strangely and suddenly disappeared, along with their work.  A lot of the illness we experience has a natural cure somewhere on this planet, that has been suppressed because it will never bring in the money that the synthetic drugs with all their horrendous side effects do.  A lot of the really serious diseases in our world were created in a laboratory somewhere.

Many people don’t want to believe these things.  They don’t want to think about these things.  They don’t think that things will ever change, and so why bother putting any energy toward a losing cause.

It is only recently, within the last several decades, that the widespread use of the internet has permitted huge numbers of people to communicate with one another, and bypass the powers that be. Information is starting to become readily accessible and every day you have opportunities to gain new insights and to sign petitions and join citizen groups trying to make changes.

I urge you to take off the blinders if you have them on.  I encourage you to regain your hope, if you have lost it.  I guarantee that the world is changing for the better, and that those who ruled in secrecy and darkness are being exposed more everyday.  The question becomes not ‘will things ever get better?’ but ‘how long will it take for things to get better?’

Part of that answer is you.  You must become personally part of the solution, or you remain part of the problem.  It has yet to be determined whether it will take 100 years, 10 years, or 1 year for some of these changes to manifest, and it all comes back to how fast you change how you view yourself.

I hope you know you are as worthy as anybody else to have a good, secure, happy, abundant and joyful life.  I hope you know you have an much power and control over your own destiny as anyone else does over theirs.  It’s an old saying but it’s as true as ever:  if you think you can, you can – if you think you can’t, you can’t.  All we are waiting for to make a quantum shift is for the enlightened population to be larger than the unenlightened population.  Please make it a goal to become enlightened and to become involved.   Start by believing in yourself, and then start believing in the power of the masses once they figure this all out.

You are not limited – you are limitless.  You are not a victim of life – you are the creator of your life.  May you know this in your soul, and may the truth help you manifest a great future.  Have a blessed day.


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