You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

Many people feel very lonely as they travel through this life experience.  Even if they come from a large family, and have a busy job and know a lot of people, they can still feel this way.  Loneliness comes from deep inside and has nothing to do with anyone else.  You can feel deeply connected to all of life sitting home by your self, or completely disconnected from life in the middle of a crowd.

Loneliness is really a false reality.  You are at every moment connected to your Guardian Angel and a complete Support Team of spiritual beings on the other side.  They are your soul family and they all gathered with you before you incarnated, and assured you of their continual help.  They love you unconditionally and absolutely.  They promised to always be there for you, and on the other side of life they know how to keep their promises.

Everything you learn here – everything you experience – everything you clear and uplift, is a gift to your family.  Some of them have been on earth before.  Some of them have not.  Even if some of them wanted to make the trip this time, you were the one who volunteered, and then were chosen to bring home the gold for the family.

So if you don’t feel their presence – if that presence is not giving you comfort and the feeling of belonging, then it is time to reconnect.  Reconnecting with them is really quite simple.  Just believe they are there.  Then sit and talk to them.  Share your day, and your concerns and your joys.  Then listen.  You might feel an intuitive nudging to do something.  You might be attracted to a book, or a song on the radio that has a message for you.  You may run into someone during the day that says a few words that are meaningful.

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