you are one of a kind

You are one of a Kind

You Matter – A Lot

Sometimes you may feel that you aren’t that important. There are so many other people. ‘They’ are smarter. ‘They’ are prettier. ‘They’ have the answers. ‘They’ know how to have fun. Do you ever find yourself with that kind of inner dialogue going on? Do you ever feel that your contribution is pretty insignificant when compared to ‘them’?

Then think about the 1000 piece puzzle you invested days laboring over. How would you feel if you got to the very last piece and it wasn’t there?

What about that huge picture window you just spent a lot of time cleaning? Would you walk away it there was just one smudge left in the middle? After all, it’s just one – the rest of the glass is clear. How much does it matter? How about the one hole in the screen door – just big enough to let in a fly. That piece of missing screen matters.

When you came here to Planet Earth to gather experiences and make contributions you came with a team. You may not remember who they are, but you are irreplaceable to them. You matter. You are representing a whole group of beings on the other side of life and when you achieve, they benefit. You matter. You are one of a kind

There are probably many people in your life, that you may not even be aware of, that had their lives turned around because of something you said or something you did. It could have been an act of kindness. It could have just been something that made them think about something they needed to think about. You matter.

When this life is over and you go back home, you will have a life review. Many people fear that. They think that only their shortcomings will be of interest to God. In actuality the life review will show you all the places you were wonderful – places you aren’t even aware of now. Once you remember your greatness, you will be inspired to fix the places where you weren’t so great, because you will remember your beauty and your potential. God won’t make you come back here and try again – you will make that decision but only if you want to. Growth happens on the other side too, only a little more slowly than here. You came here because you wanted to do things quickly and you wanted to contribute.

You will see how much you matter, and you will want to contribute even more. I hope you don’t wait until the end of life to learn that lesson. You are unique. You are special. You are one of a kind. No where, anywhere, is there another you. You are irreplaceable. You serve the world in a way no one else can. You are one of a kind and You matter – a lot.

Blessings, Elaine
Love goes out to everyone we met at Lilydale – what a great night – thank you!

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