you are psychic

You Are Psychic

Everyone is born with intuitive, or what some call psychic, abilities.  We each brought them in differing degrees but we all have them.  You know you have had those moments when you just knew you should, or knew you shouldn’t, do something.  What happens to the vast majority of us is that in childhood we were taught to bypass our feelings and just behave as required.  Fortunately that is changing and more and more of today’s children are being shown another way.  There is a great possibility, however, that you were chastised when you were little for being too imaginative or not paying attention, or doing what felt right, instead of what was asked of you.

Your intuitive abilities were often not nurtured, and then school and church and society took over, requiring you to memorize facts and follow the rules.  Take a few moments and think about what you might say to a friend that has just shared something with you.  Are you more likely to say, “I get it” – “I see what you’re getting at” – or “I hear you”?  That is sometimes a clue to one of your stronger intuitive senses.  All of them – inner sight, inner hearing, inner knowing, inner feeling – can be nurtured, and should be, because they will make your life richer, and put you more in control of your future.

By using our intuitive abilities, we are able to bypass prior conditioning and therefore we will do or think or feel or say or hear what we innately know is right and good for us. – our truth. You do know – your body knows – your divine connection to Spirit, accessed through your intuition, knows.

Nurturing your gifts starts by believing you have them, and making the decision to learn how to use them.  Learn to trust that gut instinct, instead of talking yourself out of it.  It is the unseen world of Spirit that you are divinely connected to that is trying to reach you through your more subtle senses.

At this time in our civilization’s evolution it is more important that it has ever been that your claim your power as an intuitive being, able to access your own information through your own spiritual channels.  Things may come to you in meditation or dreams.  You may be drawn to a book or a person or a song that has a message for you.

Our country is facing difficulties in more areas that we can even comprehend.  We dare not choose our leadership the way we may have done in the past.  The things we believe and have been taught may not be truth.  The truth needs to be uncovered by each of us individually within.

I would hope that before the next elections you would keep an open mind and listen to whatever is being said with this understanding: it is something someone else wants you to believe.  It is not necessarily the truth.  Do some research on your own  and then trust your own feelings and your own inner knowing.   No matter what we may have been led to believe, the majority of the people really do have the power.  We just have not acted together, based on the truest information.  That information will not be found on the nightly news – only in your heart.  It will only happen to you if you allow your mind to explore different options, and different ideas.  It will only happen if you open yourself to Spirit and ask to be shown the truth.

Please think about this.  Think about this a lot.  Claim your birthright as a powerful spirit incarnated on earth at a powerful time of change.  The few have led the many for far too long, with agendas that were often very self-serving.  This world should work for everybody.  That’s how God created it to be.  Some people, with their precious gift of free will, have often used that will to control others. Other people have not claimed their power, and have succumbed to fear and conformity.  We are in a time of change.  The change starts with you.  Individually and then collectively we can create a beautiful world.

Blessed Be,

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