your lot in life

Your lot In Life

Circumstances and Comparisons

Have you ever felt blessed by God because you have a good life?  Have you ever felt that God has abandoned you because things weren’t working out well?

One of the things we need to understand as we spiritually mature, is that God doesn’t take sides.  God doesn’t give us material gifts based on our ‘worthiness’.  God doesn’t withhold blessings based on unworthiness.  God doesn’t do that at all.

God has given us free will.  Because of this free will, we have attracted our individual life experiences to learn something from them.  God has given us the Universal Law of Attraction.   This enables us to manifest our beliefs and bring them into physicality.  God loves us all equally.  Whether we use that love to create with, or not, is up to us.

Some souls came in to this life, knowing that poverty was a possibility.  Perhaps during their last life they lived in a palace and they wanted to see life from the other side.  Perhaps they volunteered to be in need,  so that other people would have an opportunity to be benevolent.

Some souls came in to this life, knowing that richness was a possibility.  Perhaps they had their last life living with hunger and deprivation, and they wanted to experience life from the other side.  Perhaps they wanted to challenge themselves to see if they would care for the ones who were in need.

The homeless man on the street may be a Master in disguise, here to give you the opportunity for compassion.

The rich debutante that you see as having it all may be challenged to find her own self worth.

If you make comparisons at all, it is only worth comparing yourself today with the you of last week, or last year, or 10 years ago.  What have you done with the life you chose this time around?  Complained about it or accepted it?  Given up on it, or made something worthwhile out of it?  Risen to your challenges, or given in to them?

Your lot in life – your choices – your spiritual growth – your ascension.  The circumstances never really mattered.  What you learned from them and what you do with them is all that counts.

Blessings, Elaine


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