Your Most Recent Thoughts

January 28, 2014 –
Your Most Recent Thoughts –

Have you ever had this happen to you?  You watch a TV news article about someone in distress and it triggers a memory of a similar problem you had.

You watch people cleaning up after a flood, and you remember the time the sewer backed up –  and then you remember how exhausting it was to clean it up –  and then you remember the mementos that had to be thrown out – and then you remember how you had to do most of the cleanup alone – and then you remember the feeling of frustration and anger and loss.

All you had intended to do was sit down, relax and watch the nightly news.  Now there is a little part of you that is experiencing distress.

If you can relate to this experience, then you can change this experience.  Awareness always preceeds change.

My awareness lets me say, “Wait a minute, what am I doing? – I was happy a minute ago and now I am thinking about THIS?”

Maybe ‘this’ needs to be looked at if it requires clearing, or forgiving, or transmuting in some way.  Very often though, ‘this’ just needs to be re-evaluated in light of the road you want to be walking right now.

Perhaps you only need to remind yourself that you have better things to think about – joyful things – happy things.

Perhaps you need to fast forward through the experience to get to the part where you survived and you learned something and everything was okay again.

Sometimes I will catch myself thinking about a less than joyous experience in my past and I will stop, and say to myself, “Really?  You really want to go there this morning when you could be happy about the day that lies ahead of you?”

Always our thoughts – always our choices – if we can arrive at that state of awareness, then we have arrived at the state of control.  We can accept the yin/yang of life and choose gratitude and happiness.  May you have a blessed day and many happy thoughts.

Namaste, Elaine

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