about compassion

About Compassion

For those in the Christian world this is Holy Week.  It has traditionally been a time to focus on sacrifice, suffering and penance often accompanied by self degradation and guilt.  Obviously the intention is admirable:  to face up to our shortcomings, try to be better, and appreciate gifts given on our behalf.

Looking at this scenario strictly from an energetic viewpoint, however, it is certainly a difficult road to travel to get to a desired destination.  The road is so difficult, in fact, that many people get sidetracked and stuck in deadends of sorrow and pain and feelings of worthlessness.

Now, about compassion: True compassion offers you a different road.  The word ‘compassion’ has often been mis-used to mean ‘pity’.  Pity is a very low level vibration that ranks people – some higher, more fortunate and more blessed – some lower, not as deserving or not being the recipient of God’s blessings.  Pity – and sorrow – just leave us feeling bad, with no where to go.

Many times you feel sorry for someone that you believe is a helpless victim of circumstance.  You pity them.  If that is the case, then I hope that this is the moment when you stop.

Do you realize what happens when you pity either yourself or someone else?  You disempower them.

No one should be pitied.  Not even a tiny baby who is born into an abusive situation – because that baby possesses a master soul.  Only a master soul would incarnate into a painful situation with the intent to heal distorted energy patterns and inspire others.  If you feel pity instead of compassion, then you are dishonoring that master soul.

Compassion knows we all have challenges that our souls designed for our growth. Compassion understands just how far we have fallen from grace.  Compassion feels – strongly and from the heart – and often with tears and sadness – but never with pity. Compassion moves you to help restore balance by surrounding the situation with love and light and trust and power.  It can also empower you to act if action is required.

This is “Holy Week”.  Are you unknowingly celebrating suffering by focusing on it and letting it just make you feel bad?

If you are suffering today, I hope you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have compassion for you.  I feel with you and so I send all the love and all the light I can to help surround your situation with healing vibrations.   I see your power.  I know you can heal, and achieve, and overcome.  I see your soul.  It is strong and beautiful.  May your compassion help you see yourself in that truth as well.

Blessings and love, Elaine

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