Earth Changes

Last weekend’s powerful earthquake has done more than change the physical make-up of the planet.  It has done more than change some people’s lives on all levels.  It has done more than once again open hearts.  This earthquake cleared trapped negative energy – indeed energy that was so powerful it almost had a life force presence of its own.

Last Sunday’s powerful full moon also illuminated this darkness and with the help of many cosmic forces, it has now been released from the earth plane.

If there is one message now that should shine above all others, it is this:  don’t judge by appearances.  Don’t be concerned about the seeming mess the world is in.  You are seeing an ending.  You are watching what is leaving.  It is up to us to create what will be coming in its place, but I know that there are many of you out there envisioning a brighter day.  I have faith in the mass consciousness that wants justice, and peace, and abundance and love to be the order of the day.  If we keep believing it, it will happen.

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