everything carries energy

Everything Carries Energy

Every single thing in your world, in your daily life, and in your surroundings carries energy.  Your morning coffee might carry the energy of a new day and renewal.  It might carry the energy of grabbing onto a lifeline to keep you going.  That worn out t-shirt might carry the energy of the night you met someone special, or the concert that will live in your heart forever because of the way it made you feel.

The items you surround yourself with carry past energies of triumphs or failures – of wins or losses – of comfort or chaos. Because of the fact that you have spent all your life learning to balance energy from a thousand different sources that surround you constantly, you have gotten pretty good at it.  At least you have gotten pretty good at most of it because most of it is relatively benign and done automatically and unconsciously.

Every item you bring home from the grocery store carries the energy of the plants or animals or chemicals or workers or growers or shippers or manufacturers or store clerks that were involved in bringing it to you.  Every person you interact with, either here or in Spirit, triggers an energy pattern.  We hardly ever acknowledge that unless it is something that makes us feel really good or really bad. Every picture carries memories – some wonderful, some insignificant, some sad.

We need to learn to work with energy to live a healthy, well balanced life.  That starts with the acknowledgement that everything carries energy.  It also starts with the understanding that things carry the energy we allow and that we put into them – or that someone else has put into them.  When it comes to your own personal energy field, you are the intender and the trans-muter and the creator.

Are there things in your life that cause you grief and sadness? They might be pictures, they might be objects or they might be memories.  Could you just as easily find a picture or a memory of that person or event that brings you joy?  Could you, with a little bit of work, use the object to bring you comfort, or appreciation for a lesson learned?

I had a very special dog once, his name was Cocoa.  He was blind by the end of his 15 years of life and losing him was like losing a beloved child and I grieved a lot.  He was my baby.  I  have his picture on my refrigerator, I have his collar on a stuffed animal and I have his favorite blanket close by to cuddle up with.  Those things could cause me sadness but I have chosen to use them to bring me wonderful memories and appreciation of the time we had together.  They will forever be my link to him in Spirit, and he is a powerful and wonderful and beautiful Spirit living happily in the heavenly realms.   He is with me whenever I think of him, and often he just shows up when I need him.  He is a little bundle of wonderful loving energy and I focus on that.

Please remember that everything carries energy – the energy you allow it to be.  And please remember how powerful you are.  You decide the energy of your life.

Many blessings,

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