fire energy

Fire Energy

Fire Energy

We bring our children up very carefully, mindfully, and deliberately around the energy of fire, don’t we?  They are allowed to get close enough to their birthday candles to blow them out – but not too close.  They need to learn that they could get burned, don’t they?

Sure there are the other, just as powerful, elements – the wind, the water, the forces that move land masses and cause earthquakes.  Oh, but the fire energy –  We need it’s warmth to live.  A cold, empty barren life has no warmth, no love in in.  Heart energy is warm.  Did you ever think of that?   And yet, if unchecked and out of control, the energy of fire can cause untold sadness and harm and destruction.  We need fire but we need to be careful around fire.

There is an unseen energy even more powerful than fire.  Actually it is the mother of all the earth elements.  If you can picture an unseen energy that gives birth to fire, water and wind, it would be a super power – and we have a name for it.  We call it love.

The love we have experienced so far here on earth is only a portion of the love the exists.  That is because our hearts would burst.  They could not contain that much love.  And yet, we are constantly being bombarded with more and more and more of this divine essence.  We are constantly being encouraged to up-grade our body systems with good food and good thoughts, so that we can contain more of this energy.

We are approaching the spring equinox, it is only hours away.  During this next few days we will be bombarded with the most powerful energy of love this planet has ever seen.  And we are again like children approaching the candles on the birthday cake.  By now most of us have learned  the safety rules.  We know that forgiveness and compassion will keep us comfortable around the powerful energy of love.

Some dear souls on this earth are still ignorant and unaware.  They hold onto their grudges and flaunt their superiority.  When the love wave hits them it is going to hurt.  Their lives will be thrown into turmoil.

As humans, if someone is hurt we automatically want to rush in and help – but in this case, it is best to leave it to the experts.  Fireman (angels) are close at hand.  We don’t need to get pulled into people’s dramas and upsets if they are having difficulty with the incoming energies, and start to act out and act up.  In fact if we do, we are in danger of being hurt ourselves.

This gift of the equinox – this wave of love – is real.  It is stronger than the most powerful fire and water and wind you have ever experienced.  It is for you.  It can bring joy, and blessings beyond measure.  My prayer for you today is that you are open and able to receive.

Blessings, Elaine

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