growing spiritually

Growing Spiritually

Appreciation and Growth –

Growth is a funny thing.  It is always happening, and yet on a day to day basis is barely perceptible.  Parents may only become aware of their children’s growth when their clothes no longer fit.  People who only see those children every few weeks can be very aware and astounded by the changes that have taken place in such a short amount of time.

You’re growing spiritually like that too.  On a day to day basis there may not seem to be much happening.  You may be aware that your life and attitudes are different from a few months ago, but from an internal vantage point, we are sometimes the last ones to see how fundamentally we have changed.

If you are one of those people who is trying very, very hard to do things differently and improve your life it can be very challenging if you can’t see and celebrate your successes.

Fortunately, we have help in that regard.  There are a great number of people who are sensitive to the vibrations and messages that come through from our spiritual guides and the angels that accompany us on a daily basis.   The reports that we get through these sources are immeasurable in their great numbers and unprecedented in their great praise.

We are being told by those that see beyond what we can see, that the darkness that covered our earth is being replaced by a mighty light.  We are being reassured that our earth is moving rapidly to a place where the lower vibrations of hate and fear and lack and sorrow cannot be sustained.  Mold cannot grow once light is introduced and the conditions that promoted its growth are removed.  Fear cannot exist once love is introduced and the conditions that promoted fear’s growth are removed.

Our angels tell us that, not only are we doing it, but that we have done it.  We have passed the point of no return and our complete entry into the light is now inevitable.

We may still be wearing the old clothes that are getting too tight,  and trying to sleep in the junior sized bed, when we would be more comfortable in an adult one, but the outer circumstances of our lives are always the last ones to change.  Today I would urge you to look within with complete honesty, and be proud of yourself for those places where you have seen yourself growing spiritually in peace and in love.  Keep nurturing your growth in any little ways possible, and all those little ways will add up to big results.

We are approaching the Memorial Day weekend when traditionally we appreciate those that have gone before us and made sacrifices so that we could be where we are today.  I urge you to expand that appreciation to all those that have braved the spiritual paths and stood up for the light wherever darkness existed, no matter where or when or how far-reaching.  Every single person who faced fear or ridicule, and yet acted with courage and truth, has contributed to our current journey into the light.  One of those people is you.  Blessed Be.

With love and appreciation to you all,

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