Having Patience With The Process

Having Patience With The Process

Having Patience With The Process –

It’s been said that fear can be defined as false evidence appearing real. With so much corruption and contamination in evidence on the earth it may be hard to realize that it is all coming up and out to be purged. The earth is going through a period of purification which is absolutely necessary as the planet continues to ascend in dimensional consciousness. It would be easy to go into fear and assume that things are getting worse all the time. Actually the negativity you see is in the process of release and transmutation at a very rapid rate.

Just as the earth is purging and clearing, you are being called to do the same. The more you can release the past and joyously anticipate the future, the faster the process will be for everyone. The future will be wondrous and free. The journey to that end can be challenging. When things are leaving you they can feel very real. If fear comes up, just remind yourself again of the definition of fear. Then remind yourself that you are creating your future by your current thoughts. If your current thoughts are not uplifting, don’t fear them, just change them. That’s all you ever have to do. Monitor yourself, and keep changing the negatives to positives.

We are all living in the process of transmutation. Change requires diligence, but it also requires patience. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, as long as you always begin again. In every moment you can choose to make a fresh start. Have patience with yourself and have patience with the process of transformation. As long as you keep trying, and trying again, you will succeed.

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