how do we receive grace

How Do We Receive Grace?

Awareness and Divine Grace –

Last week I talked about transmuting energy, our lives, and the way our lives are lived on a circular energetic track.  I hope you have done some thinking and some meditating on that concept – that we are always walking into the energy we left behind.  It is a huge concept to get the mind wrapped around.  It is a necessary concept to understand so that you can take control of your life and accept responsibility for the things that are happening to you.  You do not need to be a victim. Life is not random.  As of this moment right now, you do have choices.

Today I would like to mention the beautiful God given gift of Divine Grace.  It is a powerful transforming energy, but it can only be used by the sincere and aware person who truly desires to change.  God not only allows us to walk into our own energy for purpose of our life lessons, but God gives us a way to fix things that we have messed up.

So, How Do We Receive Grace?

Let’s say that you realize you have left behind you some angry words, or impatient moments or guilty feelings.  You understand the circular nature of energy and you wish you hadn’t done what you did.  You know the energy you left behind is waiting for you up ahead, and so you get proactive in meeting it.  You go to God and ask for Divine help.  You ask for the violet energies of transformation and Grace to go ahead of you, and when you meet up with your old energy the next time, it can be changed, because you have changed.

You may be put in similar circumstances, but this time there can be a different result.  Insanity is doing the SAME things EXPECTING a different result.  Faith is meeting the same circumstance with a DIFFERENT ATTITUDE, accompanied by the Grace of God and TRUSTING in a different result.

Here again are the steps to transform:
1.  Admit what you did
2.  Have a heart felt desire to do better
3.  Ask for God’s Grace to transform the situation
4.  Meet your past with Faith and Trust

And have a blessed week.
Namaste, Elaine

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