letting go and moving on

Letting Go and Moving On

Letting Go

It’s almost time for school to begin.  For brand new kindergarteners who will ride the bus for the first time, it is a major milestone in their young lives.  For their Moms, it is also a big deal. It is a rite of passage – it requires letting go.

We all face those moments throughout our lives.  Time and circumstance repeatedly require that we let go of what we know – the old, the familiar, the comfortable – and embrace the ‘next’. It requires letting go and moving on.

There are people who spend their whole lives resisting those moments.  They hold on, physically or energetically to the past, and they never really find peace in the present.  Whether we must move beyond a person, a property, an employment, a location, an activity or something else, we have only two choices.  We can go gently and easily – or not.

We can go confidently – or fearfully.  We can go looking forward – or looking back.  We can hold on, or we can let go.

What has been, whether you judge it good or bad, has been filled with lessons, and blessings, and experiences.  Honor them all.  Take the time to remember with gratitude and appreciation.  Understand that nothing you have every done will ever be lost.  The energy will be a part of you forever.  It has made you what you are today.

What will be, will be what you create.  If you move forward hopefully, happily, expectantly and joyfully, then that will be your new experience.

We can drag the past with us as heavy baggage, or we can carry the blessings and memories of the past as a beautiful memento.  That is what letting go and moving on is all about. We can face the future with apprehension or with faith. One thing is certain.  There will always be a past we must make peace with.  There will always be a future we must live.

The way we let go can make all the difference.

Blessings, Elaine



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