Living a Conscious Life

Living a Conscious Life

Living a Conscious Life is something we all need to pay attention to, learn about, think about, and put into practice in our lives.  Why?  Because we are creating our lives in every moment.  The life you are experiencing today is the life you thought into existence yesterday – and last week – and last year.

Because of the way the 3rd dimension was designed, it appears that life happens sequentially – one thing after another.  It would seem that life goes in a straight line and your past is always behind you, and your future always ahead.  Even though it would seem so, and feel so, and appear to be so, it is not.  Perhaps that is one of the biggest challenges of 3d life – to understand that linear thinking is a construct.  It was created as a teaching tool so you could look at your life as though you were reading a book.

At the core,  everything is a spiral.  All energy spirals out and comes back to source.  Picture yourself on a circular track and think about this:  you are always walking into the energy you left behind.

What did you leave behind today?  What energy did you leave in your home when you left for work or school?  What energy did you leave on the roadway as you journeyed.  What energy did you leave in the store when you stopped for those few things?  What energy did you leave with that person you talked to on the phone?  What energy do you leave behind with every move you make?  It is important to know, because that is the energy you are always walking into and experiencing on your circular energetic pathway through your life.

God is His wisdom and wonder and glory and magnificence created it to be this way.  It is just and it is fair.  We ALWAYS have to walk in the energy we left behind.  We ONLY have to walk in the energy WE left behind.  Consider that if you will – it’s pretty important towards living a Conscious Life.

Blessings, Elaine

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