passing judgement

Passing Judgement

I was talking to a friend recently and the subject of┬ápassing judgement came up – about how we don’t want to do it. We know it’s not healthy. We know it’s not high vibrational. We know it’s not healing. It’s not even what we want to be, and yet we often go there.

Living in a planet of duality we have, of necessity, needed to learn to evaluate things. When we were purely 3rd dimensional we asked ourselves, ‘Is it good or bad?’. Now that we have advanced to somewhere in the 4th dimension we are required to ask, ‘Is it healthy?’ How much light is there?’.

Once we become firmly grounded in the 5th dimension this probably won’t be an issue, since we will see everything through our loving hearts.

For now, though, we still need to evaluate. We can’t help it. Everything in our environment either pleases us or doesn’t. It either feels good or feels less than good. Perhaps the key is where we stop in our evaluation.

If we see a bad situation or witness bad behavior we can do one of two things. We can evaluate it as dark and lacking and leave it at that – or – we can see it as someone in lesson who may benefit from healing and love – and we can send it.

Instead of just passing judgement, I hope you can take the final step and always send the love. Then everyone wins.

Blessings, Elaine

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