Positive Results From Positive Actions

Positive Results From Positive Actions

Positive Results From Positive Actions –

It’s rather disturbing to see the way a lot of people are dealing with the current unrest in their lives.  Many immediately go into a defensive stance and then start attacking.  They approach a lot of the problems beginning from a negative point of view.  I believe it was Mother Theresa who said ‘I will never march against war – but I will always march for peace”.

The one encouraging thing I am seeing is individuals putting the focus on their own lives and saying ‘what can I do from where I am to contribute to my immediate surroundings.’  A lot of people are doing this.  They just don’t make the headlines as much as the disrupters do.  I am also encouraged  by the town hall meetings that are beginning to spring up in this country.  People who don’t like current policy are talking to the people that can change the policy.  Complaining to your next door neighbor over coffee won’t do it.

I live in an apartment building where some of the tenants were complaining that management never touched up the paint on their doors.  Maintenance was only allowed to paint doors when someone had moved out and someone new was moving in.  There are a lot of apartments –  I can see that management probably had a lot more pressing issues on their to-do list.

I had a choice – to go along with the complainers and agree with them – or not.  I didn’t, because negative actions arising from unhappiness rarely if ever lead to satisfactory results.   My solution seemed a whole lot simpler.  I love to paint.  I asked maintenance for a small container of paint so that I could touch up the paint on my door.  They were happy to give it to me. Problem solved.

If you want change, do something constructive, not destructive. Get involved where your voice matters and you can do some good. Perhaps the first good thing you could do is join a local committee and volunteer to be part of their advertising team. Then make sure that every invitation is phrased positively rather than negatively.  Work toward your own goals, don’t just work on blocking someone elses.  Positive results can only be created from positive actions.

It seems a simple lesson, but humanity as a whole appears to still be learning it.  It is my hope that my readership, at least, will commit to being part of the solution.

Have a blessed day,

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