releasing negative energy

Releasing Negative Energy

We just witnessed a predicted hurricane take a turn eastward and go out away from land.  Many people, of course, suffered with this, and our hearts go out to those who face loss and difficulties in the wake of this storm.  The entire intensity was, however, much diminished from the weather reports.  For all of you who did not go into fear, but just went into a state of preparedness, I thank you. You helped.  For those who did meditations and energy work to change the direction of the storm, I thank you.  You helped.  For all those who sent feelings of peace and calm and healing to the storm itself, to calm it and dissipate it, I thank you.  You helped.  For all those who called on angels and beings of light to intercede, I thank you.  You helped.  Together we all helped.  Together we made a difference.

The same way the storm needed to be redirected and dissipated, is exactly what happens to you when something starts to build up inside of you and becomes in danger of erupting in angry words, or thoughts or actions.

It is absolutely essential that we understand what happens to us, and to everyone else around us, when we allow ourselves to lose control like that.  We do damage.  We don’t have to.

You know when you are reaching your limits.  You know yourself better than anyone.  You know when you should walk away, or count to ten, or get outside in nature, or do something physical, or sit in meditation, or talk it out with someone, or call in the violet transmuting flame, or forgive, or focus on your gratitude list or ask God to change your heart.  You know.

Just as we became proactive with this storm, there will be other storms and more work to do.  Just as we set out on a positive path and move forward into the light, there will be other moments when we have to catch ourselves and redirect ourselves.  That’s life. That’s earth.  But we are changing our lives and changing this earth for the better.  Good job!  As my guides would say:  “A good day’s work done by all”.


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