the laws of manifestation

The Laws of Manifestation

The point of no return –

Our Solar System recently completed another 13,000 year cycle.  Our sun will then cross the Galactic Equator and at the same time our Galaxy will also complete a  major cycle.  The magnetic, solar, and gravitational forces that impact us everyday will be intensified.  Time between the beginnings and endings of things will be very short.  Cycles will be completed very rapidly. What goes out from you emotionally will come back to you almost instantaneously.  You may become angry at someone, turn around and hurt yourself going through the doorway leaving the room.  You could become upset and worried about something happening to you and within an hour or two it will.

Of course, if you have a happy thought, you will have a happy result.  If you send out a loving intention, something good will flow back to you just as fast.  The laws of manifestation and karma are moving faster than ever before. That is why we are putting so much emphasis on ‘getting ready’ for this period of time.  What needs to be ready is our emotional and mental state.  We need to identify our worries, fears, anxieties and angers and do something proactive to clear, release and heal them.

We need to look at the difficult people in our lives, acknowledge their inner divine spark of God, even if it is dim, and try to figure out why we attracted them into our lives in the first place.  Something in us DID attract them, and it was probably to learn a lesson.  Once the lesson is learned and the person is thanked for bringing us the lesson, we can probably interact with them in a more peaceful way.  Possibly, we will no longer need to interact with them at all.

You could decide that you are pretty happy just the way you are and come to the conclusion that your fears and irritations are not that bad.  You may feel you can live with them and be ok.  Perhaps you’re right.  If time goes by, however, and you find yourself increasingly uncomfortable because people around you are changing, then you may want to make some changes within yourself.  The laws of manifestation begin with you. It’s not too late to start.

Blessings, Elaine

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