What is Forgiveness?

I wrote a few weeks ago about Karmic Justice, and I hope you read that and remembered it.  If not, you can go back and look it up on the website about Karmic Justice from July 28th.

It’s very important to know at this time that we are finishing up a cycle of millions of years – people are having to pay their karmic debts – and we are at a place where we need to forgive.

Forgiveness is a necessary step in our forward movement into the new world that is forming around us right now.

Perhaps I can make it easier with an explanation of what forgiveness is – and isn’t.

It does not mean that what the person did was okay.  It does not mean they get to just walk away and start again.  It doesn’t mean that there will not be a price to pay for things that they, or we, did that hurt someone else.  Forgiveness is a process.

Think of the word for a moment.  For-give.  It means to give something before anything else happens.  Imagine someone did something terrible to you.  Something that had lasting consequences and gives you daily pain.  You resent them, and wish them terrible things and want them to suffer as you are suffering.  That is human nature.  That is also a huge block to your serenity and peace of mind and ability to move forward and to be in a place to receive Divine Compensation for what you have suffered.

So what do you do to free yourself?  You for-give.  You give them something before anything else happens.  Before they show remorse, before they ask for mercy, you give.  You give them over to God for Divine Justice in the Divine Justice System and you free yourself from being their judge and jury and dispensing their sentence.  You release them.  You release them over to the care of God and you are then free to move forward and receive God’s graces.

And what happens to them?  In order to reconcile with God they must face head on what they did.  They must, in some form or another, come to realize how deep the pain was that they caused.  They have to ‘get it’.  They have to know how bad it hurt.  They have to be so sorry that they are willing to do whatever is required of them to make amends.  Then they make them.  They repay their karmic debt, and that repayment can take many forms, but God decides what form. It is no longer ours to do.  It is not our responsibility.  We are free.

If there is someone in your life that you just can’t forgive, you are energetically still connected to them and every time you think of them it brings you down.  You deserve better.  Forgive them now – release them now.  Free yourself.  Trust that Divine Justice can do things you cannot do, but it is fair and equitable and no one gets away with anything.

But at the end of the day, if the conditions are met, God is willing to restore.  That’s Mercy.  It’s for all.  It’s for you.  We all need God’s mercy to set right the things in our lives that have gone wrong.  May you find it in your heart to celebrate our Creator who devised such a fair and just plan, and who stands ready with his gift of Grace for you today.

Many blessings,

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